Sheila Englehart grew up in the snow belt of western New York, spent her corporate life in south Florida, then became a “half back” of eclectic North Carolina. She’s worn many hats in the financial and medical sectors. In between she’s had an unconventional background of writing, retail, and farming. She’s been writing since the age of 13, shifting from short pieces to feature film scripts to novels and back again.

She gravitated to ghost stories and all things paranormal. She got married in one of the most haunted hotels in St. Augustine, traveled through the Bermuda Triangle several times dying to know what happened to thousands of vanished vessels like Flight 19. Her studies had her traveling through the unknown passages of the subconscious mind and she was certified in hypnotherapy, fascinated by the mysteries of life after death. Reading the tarot was the thread that wove it all together.

Her first novel Warning Signs is a paranormal suspense that explores the consequences of dabbling in spirit communication. It won Best Paranormal Fiction at the 2013 Mother Vine Festival.
Her soon-to-be-released novel Rock Doc is magical realism that follows a group of damaged musicians who encounter a psychic healer.



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What harm could come from attending a séance? Kellan Brooks is up for anything that might boost her creativity, but finds the event silly until she steps into a crack between her world and a place she could never have imagined. The local grapevine pushes her cleaning business down the drain, her boyfriend to running damage control, and a steady stream of troubled souls to a mysterious gate that has appeared in her apartment. Her writer’s block is broken, but the clear voice Kellan hears doesn’t belong to her.

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""This suspenseful story both entertains and educates by offering a broad range of opinions about the survival of consciousness after death and what may lie on other side. Scientists, spiritualists, shamans, and skeptics all have their say during the dramatic events that unfold after the “spirit virgin” protagonist’s first séance. The frustrated would-be writer reluctantly embarks on a quest to understand and fulfill a spiritual mission."

Dave Roberts, managing editor, The Journal of Parapsychology"

"Warning Signs will grab your interest from the beginning and keep you turning pages as you can’t wait to know what happens next. Ms. Englehart has a gift not just for writing, but for fleshing her characters and scenes out and interweaving different parts of the story in a way that makes the events real and whets your appetite for more. This novel will introduce you to some metaphysical and spiritual concepts in an authentic and non-Hollywood, stereotypical way, in keeping what authentic metaphysical practitioners experience."

Diane Brandon, Radio Host, Author of "Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life"

"This is a terrific, sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying book, and I recommend it to any fan of urban fantasy, supernatural, or just plain good writing out there."

Mary Ann Peden-Coviello -- freelance editor,

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